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to A+Calc page A+ Calc 3.0 will change the way desktop calculators are used forever and now its FREE!
New! A+Calc 3.0 is a scientific calculator with edit and recalculation capability that displays complete calculations to prevent errors. A+ Calc 3.0 offers the following features
  • Larger Multi-line Edit Display - shows all calculations and allows calculations to be edited
  • ReCalc Function - recalculate edited calculations
  • Hexit Tool - Hexit hexadecimal calculator and converter tool
  • Statistics Tool - standard deviation statistics tool
  • A+ Converter Tool - unit conversion tool that accepts user-defined conversions
  • Save & Load Calculations - Displayed calculations can be saved to a file for later use
  • Undo, Redo Function - Undo, Redo buffer stores the last 20 calculations
  • Built-in Error Detection - math errors are automatically detected, reported, and are recoverable
to hexit page Need a good hexadecimal calculator? Hexit vs 1.5, a combination hexadecimal calculator and converter was designed to fill a need - a simple to use hexadecimal tool designed for programmers, engineers, and students. Hexit is an executable program that requires no DLLs and no installation or uninstall programs.
to baby scientific page Baby Scientific vs 1.1 is a handy little multifunction scientific calculator with a small 255 by 325 pixel footprint. Baby Scientific is loaded with multiple features and offers the most used scientific calculator functions such as trig, exponential and log functions. The display includes full edit features such as cut, paste, copy, and delete. Download this version for free.

Updated January 2012