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Version History for WFW Software Products

Product version numbers are always located by selecting "Help -> About ..." on the menu bar.

WFW Software products are initially released as version 1.1. These initial release versions have been tested to insure compatibility with the target operating systems, generally WIN32 platforms (Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT). Released software has been functionally tested under normal operating conditions and used for an extended time to uncover any potential problems. The revision number will be increased if changes to the program occur. Usually these changes are product enhancements such as new features or fixes to bugs or problems discovered after release. When a minor revision occurs it is signified by incrementing the digit after the decimal. For new versions of the product or major revisions, the digit in front of the decimal place will be incremented. This is usually reserved for a new program as opposed to changes to the existing program.

Trial versions are designated as version 1.0. Trial versions have been fully tested to insure comparability with target operating system and have been functionally tested. These versions have not been used for an extended time and are offered for trial use. Changes to trial versions are signified by a digit increase after the 0, e.g. the first revision will be version 1.01, the second will be 1.02, and so on. Trial versions are always made available as freeware.

WFW Software welcomes comments and suggestions regarding products. Please use the Contacts page for reporting bugs or problems.

Version History
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